About OnGood

What is OnGood?

OnGood was created by the Public Interest Registry (PIR), which is a non-profit organization formed by the Internet Society (ISOC). PIR has successfully managed the .ORG domain name for over a decade.

PIR started OnGood to help operate the .NGO and .ONG domain extensions, to provide non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with a community of peers and supporters, and to supply NGOs with resources designed to help them shine a light on the good they do in our world.

What are .NGO and .ONG domains?

The .NGO and .ONG domains are abbreviations that represent “non-governmental organization” (NGO) in English, and romance language variations of NGO such as “organización no gubernamental” (ONG) in Spanish.  

You don’t have to choose between .NGO and .ONG — the two domains come together in a bundle. When you register an .NGO domain, you automatically reserve the same domain for .ONG, and vice versa. With both extensions, your NGO will speak to both Romance and non-Romance language readers.

These domains are only available to non-profit, NGO, or charity organizations that are certified active groups working in the public interest; this allows the groups using these domains to instantly distinguish themselves as legitimate NGOs.

To register a .NGO and .ONG domains an organization can be located almost anywhere in the world, operating at any level, in any particular field of work, as long as it can complete they certify it meets OnGood’s 7 Eligibility Requirements.  For more information on registering your .NGO and .ONG domain name, please see our .NGO Registration Policies.